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本課程學生榮獲"2015泛珠三角大學生計算機作品賽總決賽" 金獎及銅獎

The “2015 Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition”, jointly organised by Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) and Macao Computer Society, was successfully held in MPI. Over 50 teams from 13 cities and regions within the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region, including Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. After a series of keen competitions all awards have been confirmed. This year was the first time for the grand final to be held in Macao and everything went very smoothly. Students and teachers from the different regions benefited greatly from this competition as it helps to promote a mutual exchange of knowledge. Each team displayed their IT projects and shared their experiences with the public between 3-4 July at MPI Multisport Pavilion, the showcase attracting many secondary school teachers and students from Hong Kong and Macao to visit and exchange ideas. The competition award ceremony was held in MPI. The guests attending the ceremony were Mr. Li Yongxian, representative of the Department of Education and Culture of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR, Mr. Zhao Jincheng, Deputy Director, Science and Technology Department, Jiangxi Province, Professor Yin Lei, MPI Acting President, Mr. Iao Seng Tong, President of Macao Computer Society, Mr. Cheang Kun Wai, committee member of the Science and Technology Development Fund, Ms. Wong Kam Ian, Chief Curator of the Communications Museum, Macao, Mr. Celestino Lei, Division Head, Information Technology Development, Bureau of Telecommunications Regulation, Ms. Lai Iok In, Division Head, Organization and Information, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Ms. Vong Iut Peng, Functional Head, Tertiary Education Services Office, Mr. Cheang Kit Chio, Principal, The Workers’ Children High School, Ms. Chen Fen, Director, Bank of China Macau Branch, Ms. Betty Zhao, Chief Operating Officer, Paradise Entertainment Ltd, Mr. Terence Liem, Senior Manager, The Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre, Mr. Qian Chun, Minister of the Department of Science and Technology Association in Guangdong Province, Mr. Luo Liang, Director of the Computing Center in Guangdong Province, and Mr. Tong Chi Kin, Founding President of the Macao Computer Society. During the competition the students’ outstanding performances and their IT projects received not only a high degree of recognition and praise from the judges but also an enthusiastic reception from the audience. During the last stage of the work defenses on the morning of 4 July, the best 16 teams greatly impressed the judges. Finally the following six teams received the gold awards: Cheok Sai Man and O Sok Kan from Macao Polytechnic Institute; Xu Zhefeng, Fang Ruiyong and Qiu Zhixiang from Zhongsahn Institute of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China; Ho Man Fai, Sin Peng Tat, Iao Chi Kun and U Chin Teng from Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Wang Xintong, Huang Fengtao, Wu Tianfeng, Yang Junjie and Yan Qifa from South China University of Technology; Wang Qiang, Zhang Cong and Li Chaoqing from Chengdu University; and Leong Ka Chun from University of Macau. The team from Hong Kong Polytechnic University won the Best Innovation Award and the team from Zhongshan Institute of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China won the Best Practical Value Award. The silver award went to the 10 teams from Guangxi, Jiangxi, Fujian, Chongqing, Yunnan, Hong Kong and Sichuan. It was not easy for MPI to win both gold and bronze awards in this competition and such results are a professional affirmation of our Macao students’ prowess in information technology.

This year under the supervision of their instructor, Dr. Tang Su Kit, our students Cheok Sai Man and O Sok Kan of the computing programme entered the second round review stage and won the gold award. Their topic was “Intelligent real-time safe and comfortable driving evaluation system”, the project being concerned about road safety problems and providing a valuable reference for more comfortable driving and improved driving quality. Through overall assessment it improves drivers’ self-awareness and affirms improvements more effectively. Another IT project from an MPI team, Leong Hong Tat and Lam Choi Ut, was on “Healthiness”, aiming to arouse citizens to be more concerned about their health.

Dr. Im Sio Kei, Director of MPI’s School of Public Administration, said that the Competition has been organised for 10 years. The IT projects each year showed that the education and quality of information technology were improving and that the creativity of the contestants exhibited their comprehension of the needs of society and life. MPI hopes that through this competition it can develop the information technology skills of students, utilise their creative potential and foster their team spirit. The overall quality of the IT Projects in the grand final is very high and the competition very keen. By showcasing many high-quality IT projects, the Competition plays a very positive role in cultivating IT talents as well as in promoting exchanges of experiences and ideas between students and young people in the Region. In addition, it is a very valuable experience for MPI to host this competition. Ms. Lee Chon Mei, who has participated in the competition over the past 9 years, highly commended the software and hardware facilities made available this year, greatly appreciating the careful preparations made by MPI and the Macao Computer Society. Several Mainland students also expressed their great appreciation of MPI’s facilities and campus atmosphere. This appreciation is encouraging and a great compliment to MPI. MPI would like to organise different types of competitions in the future to broaden the horizons of Macao’s students, increase exchange opportunities and enhance regional awareness of MPI.

Mr. Iao Seng Tong, President of the Macao Computer Society, noted that in the past 10 years there have been great developments in our country’s information technology and internet industries, the number of internet users and popularity of using the internet reaching the developed world levels. However, with respect to information technology in our country, especially regarding standards and intellectual property rights, there is still much room for further development. Recently our country has been more actively engaging in international affairs as, for example, with the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the promotion of the “One Belt and One Road” regional cooperation strategy. This creates very good conditions for using information technology in the field of innovative technologies, including mobile Internet, big data, the internet of things and so on to reform the existing industry model.

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